New features

  • Pollination of paltas and experience in the NOA

    A frequent question between the producers of palta anywhere in the world: Necessary plantar polinizadoras are plants of palta between the plantation of Hass, to assure a high productivity fruits? Answer: according to in what agroclimatic zone is located the plantation. In Argentina measurements were realised on the matter on the interaction of €œpolinizadoras plants€ of group B put in between a commercial plantation of paltas Hass (group A).

  • The importance of the pollination

    The bees substantially increase the food production different as apples, pears and citruses, among others. different investigations realised in the world and tests taken ahead by specialists from the INTA in Argentina reaffirm the global statistics and indicate that more on 70% of the cultures, in average, it depends on the pollination to increase the yields. Supported by our hosting company we are manage to make our own bee farm.

  • Multifunctional landscapes in Expoagro 2019

    Syngenta for the first time presented the strategy of Multifunctional Landscapes in a mega shows of the characteristics of Expoagro. The parcels of wild plants armed in coexistence with varieties of soybean and hybrids of maize, and were installed within the stand of Syngenta. 

  • Biodiversity in Exposyngenta Camet and next to the producer

    Once again, the sample to field that every year is celebrated in the Experimental Station Syngenta de Camet, lodged a space for the strategy of Multifunctional Landscapes. It was presented by Ing. Guillermo Delgado, Person in charge of Viable Strategies of Syngenta.