Test pollenizers in soybean

Which is the impact of the pollenizers in soybean in Argentina?

The work carried out by the team of the Dr Mariano Devoto Docente and Investigador of the Faculty of Agronomy of the GRAPE and CONICET, approaches data to begin to think the relation soybean/pollenizers.

€œA result that surprised to us was that, at least for the zone that we studied, the soybean does not seem to depend on the provided service by the pollenizers. A test of 120 samples distributed in four blocks yes showed that there were no reductions in the number of cases by plant, of seeds by case, nor of the weight of the seeds in €œenjauladas€ plants, that is to say that they did not receive visits of the pollenizers, with respect to which. These results contradict the found ones for other regions of Argentina, which opens the debate on the possible causes behind these differences (methodologic, biological) and raises the necessity to repeat tests with the same methodology in other regions of the country€.devotee 6

The valuation of the ecosist©mico service of provided pollination by the insects includes field tests to determine to what extent the yield of the cultures depends on the action of pollenizers. In the image a test of field in soybean is seen that was within the framework realised in the season 2015-2016 of the project €œPollination of soybean: a study on different scales€ that Syngenta supports through an agreement with the CONICET.

All the images: Group of Reproductive Biology of Plants Superiors, Faculty of Agronomy of the GRAPE.

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The pollination of the soybean under the magnifying glass