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The Good Growth Plan

the-good-growth-planThe Good Growth Plans the initiative of Syngenta supported in a series of commitments assumed by the company facing 2020. In agreement with the global plan, in South Latin America €“ territory conformed by Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay the company committed a:

  • To cause that the cultures are more efficient: to increase in 20% the productivity of the cultures of soybean and maize, in 15% those of cereals and in 10% those of sunflower in without using more earth, water nor consumptions.
  • To reclaim more earth for cultures: on the brink of madness to improve the fertility of a million hectares of fields degradation.
  • To help to that the biodiversity blooms: to increase the biodiversity in five million hectares of fields from the creation of 50 habitats for pollenizers.
  • To fortify the small producers: to help the small producers to adopt and to improve crop rotation practices, in order to make possible the increase of its productivity.
  • To help the people to stay safe: to train 81,600 rural workers in job security.
  • To take care of each worker: to deepen the program of stewardship (product safekeeping) to offer a qualification of high quality, oriented to results on agricultural job security directed to rural workers and to the medical personnel.