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The objective of this project is to increase the number of pollenizers in agricultural landscapes next to the production cultures, by means of the boundary of reserved areas for the growth of the native vegetation of spontaneous form in the lateral ones of the lots and other fringe areas of the fields.

Syngenta maintains a commitment by the environment, that in the last years has been reinforced with an international program sent by the called company The Good Growth Plan, where Syngenta has prevailed specific commitments in different scopes, and where the biodiversity plays a central role.

One of the goals, announced in the 2012, is to help to the development of the biodiversity in five million hectares of fields from the creation of 50 habitats for pollenizers.

Thanks to the projects in march anywhere in the world the positive effect was corroborated scientifically to preserve these spaces for the growth of the populations of pollenizers and the improvement of the biodiversity.

Global benefits of the multifunctional landscapes:

For the biodiversity:
€¢ It increases the populations of pollenizers
€¢ It creates a habitat for small mammals and birds
€¢ It contributes to the reduction of the erosion of the ground

For the agricultural production:
€¢ It improves the yields of the cultures and their quality
€¢ It increases the biodiversity in the fields and
viability of the cultures
€¢ It reduces associated costs to services of pollination