The biodiversity is fundamental for the development of the species cheers. Conoc© what is the biodiversity, which is its importance and how we can contribute with her.


What is the biodiversity?

The biodiversity is the diversity of life. It understands the multiplicity of alive beings who exist in the Earth and the natural connections that settle down among them. The biodiversity also is well-known as biodiversity, and the relations that present are from the thousands of million years of evolution of the species and the intervention of the human being throughout their existence.

Two dimensions of the biodiversity exist: biological and the cultural one. The biological biodiversity includes the genetic diversity (genetic particularitities within each species), of species (from fungi and microorganisms to plants and animal), of populations and ecosystems (combination of diverse forms of life and interrelation with the surroundings).

The cultural biodiversity exists due to the impact of the human being in its surroundings: the cultures of the human species arise from the knowledge, the use and the adaptation to means, and throughout history they have generated another dimension for the biodiversity.

Importance of the biodiversity

To guarantee the biodiversity is key to maintain the balance and the stability in any surroundings. All the alive beings who comprise of an ecosystem create a functional unit that allows that all can survive.

The continuity of the biodiversity has benefitted to the human being throughout all their existence, and it has become a requirement fundamental to guarantee the survival in the future.

Thanks to the biodiversity, it is possible to produce the majority of the goods and services that arise from human activities. The water, the foods that we consumed, the raw materials, the fuels and until medecines exist thanks to the biodiversity. In fact, the world-wide food production depends on the diverse network that forms interrelated hundreds of species.

At the same time, the biodiversity acts ecological as of great importance, as the pollination, the climatic normalization, the fertile ground recovery and the decomposition of residues. By these reasons, the human species has the responsibility and the commitment to protect and to respect the biodiversity.

In this video more key factors are detailed about the importance of the biodiversity.

How we can contribute with the biodiversity

The main form to contribute with the biodiversity is to respect the ecosystems and the relations between species in the biosphere. Since the biodiversity is the base of many essential environmental services for the human development, the people must guarantee a viable and conscious use, essentially as a conservation strategy.

At the same time, sectors exist nails that they must pay special attention to the maintenance of the biodiversity. Agriculture, aquiculture, forestry and the fishing have the enormous responsibility to guarantee the aquatic pollenizer, animal biodiversity, ground, forest, plant, organism, microorganism and invertebrate.

A successful experience, for example, is the creation of multifunctional landscapes in agricultural cultures. From stimulating the growth and development of native species that exist in the zone, these species attract pollenizers of all type, that find a propitious habitat to be developed and at the same time they collaborate with the pollination of the plantations. One is a simple idea that it can contribute remarkably with the biodiversity in specific zones.


The Organization of the United Nations for the Feeding and Agriculture (the FAO) has created a series of instruments, agreements and plans at world-wide level that are very useful for those who wish to generate a positive impact in the biodiversity and to regulate their use.

In synthesis, the biodiversity is a key factor to guarantee the development of species cheers, and the human beings we have the responsibility to take care of it and to maintain it if we want to continue taking advantage of the essential services that offer us.