Pollination of paltas and experience in the NOA

A frequent question between the producers of palta anywhere in the world: Necessary plantar polinizadoras are plants of palta between the plantation of Hass, to assure a high productivity fruits? Answer: according to in what agroclimatic zone is located the plantation. In Argentina measurements were realised on the matter on the interaction of €œpolinizadoras plants€ of group B put in between a commercial plantation of paltas Hass (group A).

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The biodiversity as a key factor in the agricultural production

From 2014 Syngenta a valuable initiative is implementing in Chile to preserve pollenizers in regions where commercial cultures take place. This project denominates Operation Pollinator and must by main objective drive the populations of insects pollenizers through establishment and management of habitats with results monitored and verified in fields experiences them that they can be accredited to the agricultural reality.

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