Pollination of paltas and experience in the NOA

A frequent question between the producers of palta anywhere in the world: Necessary plantar polinizadoras are plants of palta between the plantation of Hass, to assure a high productivity fruits? Answer: according to in what agroclimatic zone is located the plantation. In Argentina measurements were realised on the matter on the interaction of €œpolinizadoras plants€ of group B put in between a commercial plantation of paltas Hass (group A).

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A glass with water and sugar to help the bees

They do not seem it, but the bees are one of the great reasons for which the humanity is alive. But thanks to the contamination and to the deforestation, its population is disappearing and could have catastrophic consequences for our planet. It is why if SOS a lover of the nature, is something very simple that pod©s to make to contribute your sand granite. 

By thousands of years, the humans we used the Earth resources and we took to million species to the extinction. We can say that we did not know what we did in that then, but now if we know it. The bees are polinizadoras. They are responsible to feed 90% of the world-wide population.

That can become a reality if we did not intervene in the affair. In a touching publication of Instagram, Davis Attenborough, an information retrieval officer of 92 years, shelp that €œin the last five years, the population of bees has been reduced in a third€.

There is a way to make the difference. Attenborough says that when leaving a teaspoon of sugar and water in its garden or turf, can help rehidratarlos when they are tired.

€œAt this time of the year the bees often can seem dead or that they are dying. Nevertheless, this is not thus. The bees can get tired and simply they do not have sufficient energy to return to the beehive, which often can be in swept. If it finds a bee tired in his house, a simple solution of sugar and water will help to relive it. Simply it mixes two spoonfuls of granulated white sugar with a spoonful of water and places it in a spoon so that the bee can recover.€


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