Partners in Argentina



In Argentina, Syngenta and a set of investigators of the CONICET and the Faculty of Agronomy of the GRAPE work in the development of initiatives that foment the native vegetations and the generation of multifunctional landscapes.



Partners in Chile

Austral university


Austral university Chile



By means of an agreement with the apicultural equipment of the Austral University of Chile the entomological evaluations are realised and of the periods of flowering in the South zone of Chile, the equipment also was part of the phase of development of Operation Pollinator: sowings of flowers.



Center of Applied Entomology BIOCEA.


By means of an agreement between Syngenta and BIOCEA, the company it takes the project Operation Pollinator ahead: Sowings of flowers in Chile in the central zone. Next to the Center of Applied Entomology, sowing evaluated varieties of flowers in search of a positive impact in the matter of biodiversity and viability. http://www.biocea.cl/nuestro-centro/


to franhofer


Fraunhofer Research


Through an agreement between Fraunhofer Research and Syngneta the first year of the investigation is being developed on the edge of Multifunctional Natural Edges of Operation Pollinator, which consists of characterizing the habitat of edge in bilberry orchards, palto and kiwi and its relation with the presence of insects of the Hymenoptera order.

Partners in Uruguay



Faculty of Sciences of the University of the Republic (UdelaR)




The agreement between Syngenta and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of the Republic (UdelaR) must as objective support the study of a group of investigators led by Estela Santos, who will allow to determine the contribution of the insects and the pollination to the soybean production.