Pampan grounds with more insects by agriculture

Pampan grounds with more insects by agriculture

  • WideDesktopWallpapers in Sunflower

    According to it published the La Naci³n newspaper the pollenizers are allied of the Argentine sunflower

  • Homemade refuges to attract pollenizers

    To create homemade refuges for pollenizers. A productive experience.

  • Biodiversity to the Edge

    The reservoirs of natural vegetation that survived the Pampan agriculturizaci³n in wire fenced hard shoulders and could serve to recover multiple functions that were lost, fundamental in the ecosystems.

  • Multifunctional landscapes in Expoagro

    The Project appeared in the stand of Syngenta in Expoagro where integral of the Conicet they explained the benefits to preserve to the pollenizers.

  • Santiago Poggio traveled to Chile

    Santiago Poggio traveled to Chile 2016   The Dr. Santiago L. Poggio, of the chair of Vegetal Production, traveled to the central region of Chile to evolve as external consultant in the evaluation of the preliminary results of the application of the programs €œOperation Pollinator/Good Growth Plan€, implemented by Syngenta South Latin America. The activities extended

Great part of the fields of the Pampan Region is invaded by not-native grass when the lots leave production. A study determined that these plants increase the amount of subterranean fauna, which, as well, would make possible its high permanence in the pastures.

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Faculty of Sciences of Uruguay will study the impact of the pollination with the support of Syngenta

In a bet to the protection and fortification of the biodiversity and to the promotion of a viable agricultural model, Syngenta, world-wide leader in agronegocios, signed an agreement with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of the Republic (UdelaR), with the aim of supporting a study during one season that will allow to determine the contribution of the insects and the pollination to the increase of the production of soybean seeds and its quality.

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