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Syngenta and AGD work together by the biodiversity in the Argentine fields

River Fourth, Cordoba, August 2018 €“. Syngenta and AGD signed this week an agreement in the city of River Fourth, Cordoba to implement the program Multifunctional Landscapes of Syngenta in lots of the company Aceitera General Deheza (AGD).

Of the hand of this agreement, both companies will harness the care of the biodiversity in agricultural fields and thus they will offer answers to the needs of the nutritional chain to offer more and better foods.

€œWe knew the project of Syngenta and it interested the program since our company bets continuously to the viability of the productive systems. We are a agro-exporter company and as so we took care of and we set out to work in an atmosphere with high biodiversity to be able to produce more but with the care of the same, in addition to the commitment with our society to supply with more healthful foods€, it indicated Julio Priotti, Person in charge of Production Zone Center of AGD.

 €œYear after years the producers add themselves to our program and more and more they prioritize the necessity to take care of the biodiversity in its fields. We are very proud that the nutritional chain, through AGD is added to this agreement and thus to think together about solutions that are translated in better foods€, indicated Celina Kaseta, Gerente de Negocios Responsables and Sustentables.

The joint work by the biodiversity

Through this agreement of collaboration, Syngenta and AGD with the support of the CONICET, will implement the program through three developed steps to improve the colonies of pollenizers and the biodiversity. As first step, CONICET will visit the lots to work and the suitable place will settle down. After this, it is necessary to leave native vegetation it grows with a minimum handling and finally it is continued to measure the amount of pollenizers and the varieties of flora.

The program multifunctional Landscapes

From 2014, Syngenta implemented the program multifunctional Landscapes in Argentina next to a set of investigators of the CONICET and the Faculty of Agronomy of the GRAPE, works in the development of initiatives that foment the native vegetations and the generation of multifunctional landscapes. Throughout these years, an increase of the abundance and the wealth of the pollenizers in the parcels with spontaneous vegetation was observed.

Nowadays, Syngenta continues working next to the CONICET and the FAUBA to promote the biodiversity in agroecosistemas pampeaanos and to contribute to that the agricultural production is more viable.