Tour by 14 experimental lots

From the 11 to the 13 of January of 2016 originating collaborators of Syngenta of Chile, Argentina and Brazil participated in the Operation Pollinator Tour in Chile, with the aim of knowing the pilot project implemented within the frame The Good Growth Plan, that it has as aim to favor the development of multifunctional landscapes to promote the biodiversity.

The activity was developed in some of the 14 experimental lots that are in this country, eg: High Caliber, the Defense, Barns and Catrala Fundo, in that could be seen the different used methodologies to promote the vegetation through seedtime of different mixtures from flowers.

Through project, one looks for to define floral resources and to manage habitats adapted for the pollenizers. By means of the monitoring of the experimental lots it will be possible to be measured and to be compared the results with respect to those of the agricultural reality.

Operation Pollinator, at world-wide level, has been working for more than 14 years with producers to preserve spaces of its fields, turning them into key places for the recovery of the pollenizers. The farmers can contribute to favor the development of the native vegetation that increases the presence of pollenizers, increasing and/or conserving therefore the biodiversity of its earth.

In the case of Argentina, Syngenta and a group of investigators of the CONICET and the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Buenos Aires, also work in the development of initiatives that foment the native vegetations and the generation of multifunctional landscapes.  http://www.widedesktopwallpapers.net/en-chile/