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Multifunctional landscapes in fields of pasturing in Between Rivers

The benefits that contribute to the pollenizers and the diversity of vegetal species are not exclusive of fields where intensive or extensive cultures take place, can also be moderate in fields of pasturing for tambera production.

Marcelo Valenti and Beto, member of its equipment

To 15 km of the city of Gualeguay in the Province among Rivers, Engineer agronomist Marcelo Valenti has in charge of a field of 298 hectares whose primary activity is the inn with fluid milk as end item.

The establishment owns around 200 Argentine Holando cows and 125 of them are in production, to pastoral base, being the average of production near the 20 liters by cow. Recr­a is realised within the establishment and have seeded hectares destined to sorghum and maize that will be used as food during the year in the form of silo.

fluid as end item. The zone where it is the valleys of flood of the Cl© stream, zones of very flat fields with drainage channels, that leave unproductive sectors for agriculture.

Just worn for the first time:

€œIt interested the project to me in my previous experience as beekeeper, activity that I had to leave for want of time. I know the benefits that the pollenizers have in the prairies and their impact in the yields in different cultures.

For that reason I decided to add it to this establishment. We are arming these parcels of Multifunctional Landscapes under the protocol of work developed by FAUBA (Faculty of Agronomy of the Public University of Buenos Aires) and Syngenta€, affirms Valenti.

During the months of January and February instalar³ a parcel of Multifunctional Landscapes on the brink of madness treatment of effluents. One looked for those spaces that do not interfere with the productive activity, which demonstrates, once again, that with the existing spaces there is sufficient place as collaborating with the habitat of the pollenizers without affecting the productive activity of the field.

The first step was to delimit the parcel with stakes and the originating ropes of the kit of the project Multifunctional Landscapes for one first stage, those that will be replaced by electrical cowherds as whom usually they are used in the cattle production.

Next the measurement of the perimeter of the parcel was realised to later calculate the area that was from 15 meters by 25 meters.

Already delimited the atmosphere it came to identify the existing vegetal species and houndstooth check, gram³n, thistle, thistle were detected and I graze Lent, among others. Soon the extraction of undesired species was realised.

This field in Gualeguay is added thus to the tens of similar projects that are being born in lots of production in all the Argentina. The measurements of results will be able to be taken just past the first 18 months from the installation of the parcels.

As much Ing. Valenti as the members of their equipment has today founded expectations on which these parcels that have demanded him zero cost, in that time they begin €œto produce diversity€ for himself to begin to add benefits in his activity and for the environment.

Demarcation of the parcel

Identification of existing vegetal species

Extraction of undesired species

Electrical, indispensable cowherd in cattle field