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The wonderful experience to coexist with a native pasture

Ing. Juan Loreti, enhancer of soybean of Syngenta, next to their family preserved a space of one hectare near their house to leave biodiversity it is expressed in a multifunctional landscape.

The lot of the Loretti family is in the locality of Mariano Benitez, Province of Versus Ace and in that field sometimes soybean seeded itself.

€œEverything what there is in the bank of seeds of the ground began to germinate until a pasture was generated. The first years were not simple since by the selection that was generated they dominated to the thistles and the most invasive species as the case of Rama Negra; was seen it €œcareless€. It was necessary to fall in many cuts and to handle the situation to help and to guide. After the third year it was put interesting. I was ecologist of pastures in the composition of communities and knew the species that began to appear, species as Senecio bonariensis, or Cenchrus echinatus that generates ears that adhere to the clothes. After the fourth year it appeared the clover that was in the bank of seed of the ground. The clover blooms at a time of the year that takes advantage of the pollenizers€.

€œToday the full place of hares, partridges, butterflies and birds that if it did not have this pasture would be very difficult to find. It is a living museum that flows and it is regulated in natural form. Without application of total weed killers because that implies to return to zero. It interests the diversity to maintain the chain to us of vegetables, mammals and birds. For example in false caraguat¡ (relative of the carrot) they live a variety on frogs that only live in that plant. Today we maintain the space with handling of you cut and some precise application of weed killers allows us to preserve the wild lot€.

€œA point arrives that a native pasture car is regulated. The ecological theory is documented and when a wild pasture is expressed after the fourth year it does not leave to place more complicated species. For example the seeds of Rama Negra who scatters the wind no longer leave in a native pasture. Although it is the source of seeds alongside, just like the thistle. Of a natural pasture one has the opportunity to learn much€ concludes.