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The Dr. Lucas Garibaldi new president of the scientific Commission of pollination and apicultural flora

The Dr. Lucas Garibaldi will be the new director of the Institute of Investigations in Natural Resources, Agroecology and Desarrollo Rural (IRNAD) of the National University of Negro River, has been designated to president of the Scientific Commission of Polinizaci³n and Flora Ap­cola pertaining to the Federation the International of Associations of Apicultores (APIMONDIA). 

Its mandate lasts of four years, which constitutes a great opportunity to continue developing investigations in thematic on pollination and the flora to global level. In addition, to construct to a space of cooperation and transference of knowledge.

The Commission that now presides has as mission to develop the paper of the bees as necessary pollenizers of agricultural products and natural flowers and the importance of the plants as food resources of the bees, mainly as for pollen and the nectar. One is in charge to study the bees Apis, mellifera Apis, as well as bees nonApis, for example of the bumblebees. In addition, it works in the obtaining of knowledge on the particular characteristics of types of honeys coming from some regions, and in the analysis of the botanical origin of the honeys, pollens and even propolis, the grains of pollen (Mellisopalynology) of the nutritious plants of the bee, as well as of the mel­feras plants in different countries.

The Federation the International of Associations of Beekeepers APIMONDIA was founded on 1949 during XIII the Apicultural Congress the International in Amsterdam with headquarters in the city of Rome. Its objective is the one to promote scientific, technical, ecological, social and economic the development apicultural in all the countries and the cooperation of associations of beekeepers, scientific organisms and people involved in the beekeeping anywhere in the world. Comisiones Regional in the seven is compound of five Africa, Europe, America, Asia and Scientific Australian Continent and of Comisiones on Rural Development, Apiterapia, Technology and Quality, Polinizaci³n and Flora Ap­cola, apicultural Pathology, Biology and Apicultural Economy.