The paper of the investigators in the conservation of the pollenizers

According to the Dr Mariano Devoto, educational and investigating the Faculty of Agronomy of the GRAPE and CONICET, in the zones typically agriculturists, it is necessary to focus the effort in the handling and conservation of the small semi-natural patches that there are in the edges of ways, limits between lots, embankments of train and other areas nonhandled (for example, low and moist soils). In landscapes still dominated by great extensions of cultures a connected fragment network exists to each other that can work not only as refuges of the biodiversity but also as a source of benefits for the surrounding agricultural area.

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Pollination in agroecosistemas

The Dr Mariano Devoto is educational and investigator of the Faculty of Agronomy of the GRAPE and CONICET. He directs one of the five projects that Syngenta has supported in its initiative Multifunctional Landscapes in Argentina through an agreement with the CONICET. The objective of the project is to understand how the different scales are integrated (lot, community, landscape) from the phenomenon of the pollination of cultures in agroecosistemas to contribute to the viable handling and conservation of this fundamental ecosist©mico service.

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Production and conservation in agroecosistemas by means of pollenizers

The Dr. Leonardo Galetto, Professor Titular Regular in the National University of Cordoba and Investigator of CONICET works with Multifunctional Landscapes in Argentina and counts how the development of the project is conceived. €œWe tied through the office of Technological Entailment of CONICET that is suscripto an agreement with Syngenta to develop four projects of investigation in this thematic one. One of those projects is under my direction and includes several colleagues of CONICET and other Universities. The specific title of this project is Production and conservation in agroecosistemas, two faces of a same currency: diversity of pollenizers and agricultural production€.

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Thus it is the project in Argentina

Syngenta promotes the biodiversity, preserving and improving the habitat of the pollenizers.

The agricultural landscapes often lack the diversity and abundance of _ flowers that need pollenizers. The farmers can contribute to favor the development of the native vegetation that increases the presence of pollenizers, increasing and/or conserving therefore the biodiversity of its earth. 

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