From Syngenta we helped to that the biodiversity blooms

Paula Mirabella is responsible for Subjects Regulatorios and Stewardship in the Syngenta. From Stewardship the Project is led Multifunctional Landscapes next to the area of Corporative Affairs. Between his multiple activities it has a direct entailment from the home of the program.

€œSyngenta is a company leader of the agricultural sector oriented to improve world-wide food safety helping million producers to make a more efficient use of the resources available. Within this Syngenta frame it adopted, almost 3 years ago, the challenge to elaborate his strategy based on viability, considering clear and measurable objectives towards the 2020. It is as well as it is born €œThe Good Growth Plan€, and within this ambitious program, one of the main commitments he is the one to help to that the biodiversity blooms. By this Syngenta and a set of investigators of the Conicet and Facultades de Agronom­a, we began to develop initiatives that foment the native vegetations and the generation of Multifunctional Landscapes €œ.benefits

€œWe know that agriculture depends on the biodiversity for the development of the plants, the pollination and the variety of our diet, it is by which this program acquires a roll important not only to reach our commitment to promote the biodiversity, but to foment the viability of agriculture.

€œThe project in Argentina already has been a year. At the end of the past year they appeared in the Experimental Station that Syngenta has in Santa Isabel the first results of the program of Multifunctional Landscapes. The same were very encouraging and although they are preliminary, in main lines a larger number of species of plants of the hoped one could be observed before initiating the study. In a brief lapse of time the community of insects of the place of study in its majority had recovered pollenizers €œ.

With respect to the terms drawn up Mirabella it explained: €œIn this aspect we go of the hand of the investigators of Conicet, in principle the project had its first year of pilot. And now we are signing a new agreement that will last 2 years more. We know that this project will have a positive impact helping to create brings back to consciousness in the farming producers on the necessity to produce with viability and on the preservation of the ecosystem, and from Syngenta we hoped is implemented quickly.

With respect to similarities between the program that are being carried out in Argentina and those that they are working in other Mirabella countries it adds: €œAlthough the project of multifunctional landscapes of Argentina has the spirit who is being developed in countries of Europe and the United States, he changes in the methodology. Other projects need to seed floral species to create these refuges, since they lack a bank of seeds that guarantee the abundance of species. The project realised in Argentina next to Conicet, looks for to favor the permanence of species of weeds (that contribute to pollen and nectar) of borduras and fencings that leave spontaneous form, proposing a handling adapting of the dynamics of the same €œ.