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Multifunctional landscapes in Expoagro 2019

Syngenta for the first time presented the strategy of Multifunctional Landscapes in a mega shows of the characteristics of Expoagro. The parcels of wild plants armed in coexistence with varieties of soybean and hybrids of maize, and were installed within the stand of Syngenta. 

The strategy of Multifunctional Landscapes was one of the great innovating proposals that were seen in this new edition of celebrated Expoagro 2019 from the 12 the 15 of March in San Nicholas.  Thousands of people had the opportunity to cross the parcels and to verify the amount of natural pollenizers that were presents in the place. During the four days they were organized crossed and chats in groups which allowed to generate an enriching debate on the imminent necessity to produce contemplating spaces for viable strategies. They were present in the chats Ing. Mariano Devoto and Leonardo Galetto of the CONICET, Ing. Julio Priotti Jefe of AGD production and Guillermo Delgado and Celina Kasetta de Syngenta.

According to Leonardo Galetto explained; €œThe way is way and the lot area is the productive space. When ordinate in terms of biodiversity is avoided to pulverize on the internal ways of the fields is begun to make an agriculture€.