Artificial pollination

What is the artificial pollination? Concept and definition

Cases exist in which the pollination is not realised through natural methods, as for example the action of insects, animal, birds, the wind or the water. In these exceptions, denominated artificial pollination, is necessary the intervention of the human being throughout the process, controlling the production.

Artificial pollination

How the artificial pollination is realised

In order to obtain that the process of artificial pollination is effective, the flowers pocket, avoiding the arrival of other agents who could hinder the affectation of the process. There pollen takes shelter of the stamen and directly takes it towards the stigma. Later they become to cover the flowers until the fertilization takes place.

Artificial pollination

Other types of pollination

The artificial pollination is not a very common process, reason why it is important to meet the other types pollination who exist in the nature:

Natural pollination

Direct pollination

Crossed pollination

Pollination entom³fila

Pollination ornit³fila

Pollination zo³fila

Anemophilous pollination

Pollination hydrophilia