Homemade refuges to attract pollenizers

To create homemade refuges for pollenizers. A productive experience.

Many of the species of solitary bees nest in the nature in branches or old trunks or in hollow canes of plants. When we facilitated boxes to them nest composed by drawers of wood with acanaladuras, or hollow stems; the bees must use less time in the construction of their nest and can realise greater puttings something. In addition to this way we favor its presence near us assuring the right homemade refugespollination entom³fila the moment at which our cultures require of their service.

In our kitchen gardens and fields we can foment the presence of lepid³pteros solitary bees and making boxes nest or refuges.

Some can be as simple as:
- trunks 
- wood swearwords
- glasses of ceramics with canes
- boxes nest to foment and to study its presence blue bee 2

But mainly we must create isolate refuges good and prot©g©s of the water. For that we must deal our nests or with virgin wax, or oils.  Also it is important to equip to our nest with something of color, blue or mainly violet to attract a still more tension of the possible and future renters: the bees, to which blue and the violet one, it draws especially his attention. The front and leaves from lateral of the box the nest that appears more down is dyed and dealt with a fungicide made with gentian, that way it attracts and it protects to the larvae of the bees and their food of bacteria and fungi.