A farmer is a person who handles an ecosystem

Ing. Agr³nomo Lucas Garibaldi, Doctor by the University of Buenos Aires, whose specialty is the agroecology and the study of the interactions between plants and insects in agricultural wooded landscapes and, is the present president of the pollination commission and apicultural flora of Apimondia and, during a day of qualification realised in Between Rivers, analyzed the present state of the bees in the agricultural regions.

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A change of vision in the edges of fencings

Traditionally usually one thinks to the borduras of the lots as sources of insects and weeds, reason why the same practices of handling are applied that in the rest of the lot. In Expo Syngenta Camet, Ing. Santiago Poggio (FAUBA and CONICET) explained: €œthese areas are only a source of weeds or plagues in the measurement that are handled as an agricultural lot. If we pulverized the margins with weed killers and insecticides, which we are going to do is to outside perpetuate the problems of the lot, even with the possibility of generating resistant insects and weeds€.

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