Bees episode 9

This new episode shows the importance of the bees for different types from cultures. For example, you knew that the nuts and the almonds are 100% employees of their participation? On the other hand, the sugarcane, in spite of its name, on no way depends on these insects.

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Bees episode 8

You knew that all the bees do not have stings? In many cases they have the atrophied sting, and they are incapable to itch to somebody. A look throws to some peculiarities of our winged friendly in the eighth episode of our series Web.

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Harvest of honey in Uruguay is the best one of last the 4 years

According to the Professional informs the newspaper €œ€, the harvest of honey of spring in Uruguay is the best one of last the 4 years. In Planta de Extracci³n de Melo already there are 30,000 kilos ready to commercialize. The yields reached in the harvest come highly being satisfactory and have arisen some markets for the positioning from the product in the outside. 

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