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Favorable habitats in agrosistemas for insects pollenizers

They exist more than 20,000 species of bees at world-wide level, that can nidificar in the ground or the wood and instead of to form specialized colonies and to have a system of chaste as the mellifera Apis, are solitary bees. Report realised with the participation of group ETSIA of Madrid

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Santiago Poggio traveled to Chile

Santiago Poggio traveled to Chile 2016

The Dr. Santiago L. Poggio, of the chair of Vegetal Production, traveled to the central region of Chile to evolve as external consultant in the evaluation of the preliminary results of the application of the programs €œOperation Pollinator/Good Growth Plan€, implemented by Syngenta South Latin America. The activities extended from the 11 to the 13 of January of 2016.




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Qualification Pollination and Agriculture in Uruguay

Santiago Poggio, investigator of the National Council of Scientific researches and T©cnicas (CONICET) of Argentina visited Montevideo invited by Syngenta, to set out in the conference €œKindness of the pollination in agriculture and good practices€, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Agro-chemical Products, the Honorary Commission of Apicultural Development, the Uruguayan Apicultural Society and the Exporter Association of Honey. 

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