Renato Ripa and the Multifunctional Landscapes in Chile

€œOperation Pollinator is an initiative that was developed in the context of the commitment acquired by Syngenta in support to the biodiversity of the planet€

The Doctor and Entomologist, Renato Ripa, emphasized the successful alliance between Syngenta and BIOCEA that the development of a program will allow that will be a contribution and referring in innovation to global level in the matter of biodiversity and viability of the planet.

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Images of the project €œPollination of the soybean: a study on different scales€

Images of the project €œPollination of the soybean: a study on different scales€, one of the projects that Syngenta supports through an agreement with the CONICET. Their results are going away to present in the form of two p³sters and one chats in a symposium in the next VI Reuni³n Binacional de Ecolog­a who becomes in September in Iguazº. 

In the project a group conformed by several students of degree participates, Agronomists, Lic. in Environmental Sciences, a doctoral scholarship holder and one posdoctoral, and other educational/investigators of the Faculty of Agronomy of the GRAPE and CONICET. Altogether 25 people participated in the works some.

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